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Calculating Revenue per Employee by Industry

by Shyamali Ghosh

Guessing the size of a company in a given industry based on incomplete data is among the most common tasks in the information business. Salespeople, for example, need good “size” parameters to maximize their time and correctly identify their best prospects. Managers need the same information to help them make good predictions about what their competitors will do next and plan accordingly. The right information can be difficult to find, especially for tight-lipped private firms.

Fortunately, estimating employee headcounts has become less complicated. It’s easy to use primary sources—just call the firm and ask. Secondary sources such as LinkedIn and Manta and inferential sources like Cortera are also useful. But how to get a revenue figure for a company once you have an estimated headcount?

The answer is here. You can also take a look at the same data in a spreadsheet. IEI has compiled publicly reported revenue-per-employee data and averaged it by industry to arrive at the following benchmark figures.

posted by Shyamali Ghosh on March 28, 2013

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